Aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners who are able to contribute to and aid in the development of a research road map. This road map can be used to inform, influence and disseminate ideas to founders, the wider research community, and the general public. Based on submitted position papers and existing research it will describe the current baseline of infrastructures for advanced visual user interfaces supporting Big Data applications in VREs. Furthermore, it will describe research gaps that need to be filled for archiving our research and development ambitions. Achievement of the goal of the workshop is supported by the presentation and discussion of research aiming at delivering Advanced Visual User Interfaces for VREs, e.g., supporting researchers and organizations in applying and maintaining distributed (spatially, physically, as well as potentially cross-domain) research resources for Big Data Analysis. These user interfaces can e.g. provide a basis for managing access to VRE features and services through open standards and they can be materialized through an open architecture and components derived from state-of-the-art research results being able to deal with Big Data resources and services at scale. The workshop will aim at delivering a road map covering a comprehensive set of standards-based services, visual user interfaces, and tools that support the complete life cycle of VREs in a domain agnostic fashion.