Villa Romanazzi Carducci Bari

venue4Villa Romanazzi Carducci is located in Bari, in the heart of Apulia. Junction of stories, people and faiths, the city is the centre of the region, chest of treasures and time capsules which merge the western beauty and the eastern magic. Bari is its sea, with its natural inclination to openmindedness. The city outline is a love declaration toward the sea, a land embrace from the port to the early 1900s seafront. The heart of Bari is its historical centre, a maze of exuberant tiny streets that watch, jalous, the jewels of Apulian Romanesque and the alive and kicking traditions of its citizens. Bari is also the city of Saint Nicholas, the saint venerated by Catholics and Orthodox, brought into town in 1087 by a 62-sailor expedition. The Basilica of St. Nicholas, which hosts the Saint’s remains, is a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture and a majestic time capsule of the citizens’ Devotion to their own Patron.

venue1Located by Murat district, Hotel Villa Romanazzi Carducci has conserved, with the utmost respect, the memory of a 1885 noble residence, set in a luxuriant parkland characterized by a variety of aromatic trees and elegant garden furniture that you will discover as you wander along ist many pathways. Rock gardens, balustrades, statues and fountains so typical of the romantic traditional English gardens provide today the perfect fusion of ancient and modern, fascinating and the only one of its kind.

venue2As a leader in the meetings industry of Apulia, Villa Romanazzi Carducci provides multiple and refined solutions for meetings, conferences, small reunions, and great national and international events. Some of the meeting rooms are located inside VILLA RACHELE, noble residence since 1885, the remaining rooms are located inside GIULIA CENTRE, a modern conference centre with a modular composition to meet any kind of Needs.